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Author & Mom Of 4 Creates Painfully Relatable Comics For Busy, Tired Parents In Quarantine


Being a parent is particularly challenging in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Many stay-at-home parents have found themselves pulling overtime around the house, no longer getting a break that school or daycare might offer. And with how bored kids tend to get and out-of-the-house entertainment prospects currently limited, it’s a wonder that more moms and dads aren’t going completely crazy while stuck inside.

One Belgian author and mother of four children has illustrated some of the more humorous aspects of quarantining as a parent. Thais Vanderheyden writes and illustrates children’s books, so it’s no great surprise that she’s been able to create adorable comics that perfectly capture the struggle of being stuck at home with energetic kiddos during this strange time. Check out her work below and see how many of these hilarious moments you relate to:

The artist says that some moments (like this one) actually did happen.

Others are just goofy ideas that pop into her head.

Her comics capture the brutal honesty and no respect for personal space that kids are known for.

Who among us parents isn’t familiar with our own biological alarm clocks?

And of course, we all know that “me time” isn’t a thing when you have little ones running the household.

For as much as they drive us crazy, though, these mini-mes sure know how to make us smile at the most unexpected times.

It makes it worthwhile to put up with their temper tantrums over the very things they requested.

Even when they’re at their most annoying, we still love the little moments with our little kids that are giving us a chuckle during this stressful time of our lives.

We’re so glad we’re not the only ones who have these goofy experiences with our kids!



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