The world is coming together to help Australia recover from the devastating fires that have destroyed large parts of the country during the current bushfire season. From massive collective fundraisers, to big donations from celebrities, to small acts of kindness from one person, the tragedy of so many lives lost and changed forever does have a silver lining.

Two of the kind souls doing their part to help injured and displaced wildlife are teen cousins Micah (19) and Caleb (18). The determined Australian duo drove around Kangaroo Island searching for koalas that had survived the fires and needed help, putting the animals in their car as they went.

The cousins shared a video of their efforts, and it’s since gone viral on the web:

The koalas, though surely confused and perhaps a bit frightened, were safe inside the car.

They even got a mom and her baby!

The cousins saw many more dead koalas as they searched for survivors, but for the ones they saved, at least, there is hope for a happier future.

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