Though we should all learn how to perform basic vehicle maintenance at some point in our lives, many of us reach adulthood without ever learning how to properly take care of our cars, relying instead on mechanics and our more mechanically-minded friends to keep us on the road.

One school near Sydney, Australia, is changing that, though.

The Stella Maris College — an all-girl Catholic high school has made the wise decision to teach its year eleven students how to take care of their own vehicles. It’s nothing too complex — the students will have to get some more advanced schooling if they want to know how to perform bigger repairs — but it’s enough to keep the young women on their toes when it comes to making sure their vehicles are running properly.

The class was taught by Galmatic — a company that offers online and in-person vehicle maintenance classes for women and teens. The girls at Stella Maris learned how to change a tire, check tire pressure, check oil and coolant levels, and take proper action following a car accident, among other important topics.

This isn’t the only practical course that the school teaches. Their year seven students were also brought to the beach, where they learned surf awareness — a crucial skill for many Australians who surf or even just frequent the beach. The girls learned “how to read the water, identify rips and what to do if caught in one, how to help a friend in trouble, how to do a board rescue,” according to a post on Stella Maris’ social media.

We wish that every school would teach such valuable hands-on life lessons to its students.

What other topics do you think that schools should teach? Let us know in the comments!

All photos via Stella Maris College on Facebook


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