Dogs make everything better, from walks to naps to just spending time at home doing nothing. Now, one Instagram user is making famous movie scenes better by swapping out the actors for two adorable Samoyed dogs, and the results are incredible.

The stars of the show are named Summer and Apollo (or, as their bibs say here, Sums and Polly).

The human and dog family is based in Perth, Australia.

Some of the shots are deliberately posed, while others are the dog’s ideas and just fit perfectly into a famous movie scene.

The dogs look right at home in their movie scenes.

And of course, we can’t ignore the awesome photo editing work.

They also have “guest stars,” such as this tiny little puffball named Myla!

If there’s an iconic movie scene, these adorable walking clouds probably fit right into it.

Frankly, we’d prefer it if more movies swapped out their humans for pets.

Make sure you follow Apollo and Summer to see their “acting” work in more famous films!


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