Australia is home to many intimidating animals, such as the infamously huge (but harmless!) huntsman spiders and, of course, plenty of snakes.

One Australia family got a huge surprise one night when they went to use the bathroom and discovered they weren’t alone.

Snake Catchers Brisbane and Gold Coast shared a jaw-dropping post a few days ago that showed what they were up against at 2 a.m.: a coastal carpet python that had made itself at home above the doorframe of a bathroom inside a home. The snake was gigantic!

Despite the snake’s size, it was highly unlikely to harm any humans living in the home. Still, it was better suited to an outdoor location, and the company removed the lost reptile and took it to a better home away from unsuspecting humans and their pets.

Personally, we think this scaly fella is pretty cute! But we’re definitely glad it lives far, far away from our bathroom.


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