Dolphins are some of the world’s most intelligent creatures, and they’re certainly smart enough to know that humans = food and playtime. Since the pandemic started, though, the dolphins that visit Barnacles Cafe & Dolphin Feeding on Australia’s Sunshine Coast haven’t gotten the mental stimulation (or free snacks) they’ve grown used to.

The humpback dolphins that frequent the shore near the cafe has since been bringing little “gifts” to the shore to see if that will convince people to interact with them again.

The gifts include sea sponges, coral, and, sadly, bottles that have been discarded and ended up in the ocean.

The cafe shared a post telling their followers about the dolphins’ curious behavior:

The pod has been bringing us regular gifts, showing us how much they’re missing the public interaction and attention. Since the restrictions have eased we have been able to reopen the dolphin feeding & cafe. Put a smile on someone’s face and come spend some time and feed these beautiful creatures, they are definitely missing you all!

It just goes to show how much we may be missed even though we might not realize it! These dolphins must be so happy to be able to interact with people again.


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