Wine enthusiasts often feel like there’s simply never enough space to hold all the wine they’d like to have on-hand, but what if your perfect wine cellar is right beneath your feet?

Murray Berrill, owner of Murray Berrill Constructions in Australia, has provided the perfect solution: a wine cellar beneath the stars. No, not like a basement — literally beneath the stairs.

Image Source: Murray Berrill Constructions via Facebook

“What to do with dead space under the stairs? Create an easy access wine cellar. Proud of this one,” said the 58-year-old builder on a social media post showing off his creation. He told the Daily Mail that this design took a week and a half and about $5,000 to make, with the drawers alone costing about $500.

Image Source: Murray Berrill Constructions via Facebook

The price tag is worth it for the quality. This unique cellar can hold up to 156 bottles of wine and is well insulated to protect it from external temperatures. It even has a thermometer so the owner can make sure their wine is being stored at a safe temperature during Australia’s hot summer months.

Image Source: Murray Berrill Constructions via Facebook

This ingenious design is a sleek, classy way for wine connoisseurs to incorporate their passion into their home. If you love this idea, make sure you SHARE it with all the other wine lovers in your life!


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