They say that truly great art is the kind that makes you feel something, and if that’s true, then artist William Hsu has accomplished something amazing.

Hsu has made a name for himself through his creepy, ghostly art that makes it look like his subjects are reaching out to the viewer from behind a foggy pane of glass. According to what Hsu told Bored Panda, the inspiration from his creations comes from his questions about what happens after death. “I often wonder what happens when someone passes and they haven’t fulfilled their purpose. Do they stay among the living, trapped in the amber of their regrets? Waiting in the moments they wish could be rectified? Or do they just hover aimlessly behind a mysterious layer of fog-filled purgatory? I want each and every ghostly figure I create to tell a story or to convey a message.”

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The mystery surrounding the subjects of Hsu’s creations helps make them incredibly eerie.

His art often revisits the same concept, but in different ways.

Sometimes, the subject is frightening.

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On the outside, looking in.

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Other times, they deliver a positive message.

Sometimes, they aren’t even human at all.

He also plays around with different textures through editing.

Each work of art tells its own story.

The smallest details can make you wonder about the life that had been lived.

Hsu’s technique really makes it look like his shadowy subjects might just reach out and touch you.

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If I reach out to you, would you take my hand?

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As unsettling as they are, though, Hsu’s creations also seem to have an air of hope.

There’s something comforting about imagining your lost loved one watching over you from the other side of a window.

We can’t wait to see what unique creations this artist will come up with next!

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Stay strong and keep pushing forward.

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