As much as kids (and adults!) love fashion dolls like Barbie, we can all acknowledge that these figurines don’t always look like the people they’re supposed to represent. Unrealistic proportions aside, many of the facial features we see on these dolls are a bit one-dimensional and cartoonish. Yes, it’s part of what we love about them, but how cool would it be if these creations actually looked like real people?

Artist Francisco Roldan has asked this exact question and brought the answers to life. He takes off the paint that the dolls came with and carefully paints his own details on, making the dolls look like more realistic versions of their original design or completely reimagining “ordinary” dolls into famous celebrities. His work is so good, it’s often hard to tell a real photo from a doll!

Take a look at some of Francisco’s best creations below:

1. Anne Hathaway

2. Daryl Hannah

3. Angelina Jolie

4. Cher

5. Zac Efron

6. Britney Spears

7. Jennifer Lopez

8. Tom Hiddleston

9. Sophie Turner

10. Emilia Clarke

11. Beyonce

12. Robert Pattinson

13. James Dean

14. Gillian Anderson

15. Audrey Hepburn

16. Gal Gadot

17. Marilyn Monroe

18. Helena Bonham Carter

19. Adele

20. Cara Delivigne

Which doll is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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