Though many of us have some sort of experience playing and building with LEGOs, you’re not alone if you never got past the “tiny houses with tiny people” stage of building. LEGOs are often marketed for kids, but make no mistake — the company has also fueled adult creativity with complex building sets, and they’ve even recently come out with buildable pop culture posters for grown-ups!

Even these, though, fail to compare with the work of Jumpei Mitsui, who is one of 21 certified professional LEGO builders. The artist is a literal expert in creating art with the famous colorful plastic bricks, and one of his most recent pieces can only be classified as a masterpiece.

Using about 50,000 LEGO bricks, Jumpei set out to recreate Hokusai’s famous painting “The Great Wave Off Kanagawa.” Because this was to be a 3D model, the artist didn’t just study the painting itself, but also videos of crashing waves and even scientific papers about the movement of waves, according to My Modern Met. By the time his work was completed, he had a 4×5 foot rendition of the painting, with all the fine details perfectly included.

Much like the original painting, Jumpei’s version looks like a moment frozen in time, like the wave might come crashing down as you look at it.

It almost makes you fear for the men in the boats!

No detail was spared, even down to the precise curl of the wave tips.

We think that Hokusai himself would be honored with this magnificent tribute to his most famous painting.

If you’re curious as to how this creation was built, don’t worry — Jumpei has shared a video detailing his process, which is somehow even more complex than we originally imagined!


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