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Artist Imagines What Celebrities & Characters Would Look Like In Various Cartoon Styles


Dino Tomic is a talented artist from Croatia who has amassed a fanbase that’s hundreds of thousands of followers big. Like many of us, Tomic has been flexing his creative muscles while in quarantine, and his newest series has people buzzing.

The artist has been imagining what celebrities and characters might look like if they were drawn in different animation styles. What would Michael Jordan look like if he were drawn for Family Guy? Or what if Tim Burton had decided to sketch Donald Trump? Tomic answers that question with surprising accuracy, and we’re loving the results.

Check out Tomic’s work from his website below, and make sure you SHARE this post to bring more attention to his talent!

The Joker

Image of #194 Joker in many styles

Tony Stark

Image of #192 Iron Man in many styles

Michael Jordan

Image of #189 Michael Jordan drawn in many styles

Stan Lee

Image of #188 Stan Lee drawn in different styles

Bob Ross

Image of #186 Bob Ross in many styles

Johnny Depp

Image of #185 Johnny Depp in many styles

Mike Tyson

Image of #184 Mike Tyson in different styles

John Wick

Image of #183 John Wick in many styles

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Image of #182 The Rock in many styles

Joe Exotic of Tiger King

Image of #181 Tiger King drawn in many styles

Billie Eilish

Image of #180 Billie Eilish in many styles

Elon Musk

Image of #179 Elon Musk different styles

Donald Trump

Image of #177 Trump different art styles



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