Life looks a lot different now than it did a couple of weeks ago, so why shouldn’t the products around us change as well?

One artist has imagined just that, redesigning a number of famous logos to reflect the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Jure Tovrljan of Slovenia has taken some of the world’s most popular brands and asked how they could represent what was currently going on in the world. Now, his creations have gone viral, and brands have even been reaching out to him to ask if he could do work for them.

Check out Tovrljan’s work below and make sure to follow him online:

1. Mastercard

Image may contain: screenshot

2. Starbucks

3. National Basketball Association

4. Nike

5. Mobil

Image may contain: screenshot

6. Olympics

Image may contain: screenshot

7. LinkedIn

8. United

Image may contain: screenshot and typography

9. Target

Image may contain: logo

10. Good Year

10. U.S. Open

11. Corona

Image may contain: logo and typography

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