It’s no secret that animated characters are proportioned a bit differently than real-life animals and people. Do you ever wonder what might be underneath those big eyes and colorful fur and feathers?

Artist Filip Hodas did, and now, he’s created a delightfully nerdy, slightly morbid series that explores what popular cartoon characters’ skulls might look like. Hodas told BoredPanda that he’s always been interested in skulls, and this project gave him the opportunity to explore his fascination with skulls while taking an interesting spin on the artistic trend of making animated characters more “realistic.” The illustrations have some cool details, and Hodas went out of his way to give each character a “scientific name” and share the date they were created… erm, discovered.

Take a look at some of Hodas’ work below:

Minnie Mouse (Mus Minnius – USA, 1928)

Tweety (Canaria Tweetea – USA, 1941)

Spongebob Squarepants (Spongia Bobæ – USA, 1999)

Goofy (Canis Goofus – USA, 1932)

Popeye (Homo Popoculis – USA, 1929)

Scrooge McDuck ( Anas Scroogius – USA, 1947)

Which skull is your favorite? Let us know!

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