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Artist Embroiders Tiny 3D Pizza With Realistically Stretchy “Cheese”


We are fascinated with artists who use their chosen medium in creative ways, and an embroidery artist who’s known online as ipnot has gone above and beyond with her craft.

The artist doesn’t simply embroider designs on a flat surface — she creates itty bitty 3D renditions of common objects from household items to foods. She even makes teeny tiny animals!

Some of ipnot’s most impressive work, though, is found in the way she uses thread to look like liquid (or almost-liquid). One of her most famous creations is a slice of pizza that seems to be attached to the hoop by strings of warm, melty cheese.

Is your mouth watering, or are we just hungry?

It’s hard to believe that this sorcery was done through incredible embroidery skills, but yep — this is the product of talent, practice, and beautiful thread.

Check out some more of ipnot’s tiny, stunning work below:

1. Faucet

2. Door

3. Flower

4. Fig

5. Japanese Lobster

6. Zebra

7. Apple

8. Flame

9. Cheesy Corn Dog

10. Mochi

11. Cherry Pie

12. Rainbow

13. Hot Dog

14. Full Moon

15. Crackers

16. Bread Crust

17. Human Heart

18. Baseball Player Ichiro Suzuki

19. Monkey

20. Origami Crane



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