Pinup models are usually depicted as beautiful women, but now, one artist is flipping the concept on its head.

David Talaski is an Oregon-based artist who makes art for video games, but he also has a few projects on the side that have garnered him some serious attention. Among his best work is a male superhero pinup series that places some of your favorite action heroes in sexy, silly scenarios that are usually reserved for pretty ladies. Considering how many female superheroes are put into suggestive poses and unnecessarily skimpy costumes, his unique series puts the same spotlight on the muscular men that so many people are attracted to in their favorite MCU movies.

Check out some of his pieces below:




The Winter Soldier

Captain America

The Black Panther

Doctor Strange


Star Lord

Which one of these superheroes (or villains) is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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