If you’ve ever noticed the unique beauty of sun or moonlight being cast onto someone’s silhouette, well, you’re not alone. An artist who goes by Zulf has captured that special imagery in his work, and his creations are making people’s jaws drop.

Zulf is a multitalented artist, but what’s really getting people’s attention are pieces like this:


Zulf creates these illustrations on dark paper using lighter pastel pencils and charcoal.


The finished product makes it look like just a sliver of light has made its way into a darkened room, illuminating the person inside it.

While most of Zulf’s subjects are human, he ventures away from the norm sometimes.


He sometimes works with other materials as well, such as white gel pens.


Sometimes, he leaves faces out of the equation entirely.

Even in relatively “simple” portraits, his attention to detail is stunning.

His works are truly the perfect combination of hard work and talent!


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