If you spend enough time on the internet, you’ll probably become well acquainted with all the cute and cuddly critters who have been photographed at an awkward or perfect moment and subsequently became a meme.

Now, Japanese artist Meetisai has immortalized these hilarious and iconic creatures in tiny sculptures. Not only are these creations crafted with incredible detail, but they’re adorable representations of some of our favorite “internet pets.” Take a look!

Photo/Twitter: @meetissai

We all remember our favorite cat on invisible skis.

Photo/Twitter: @meetissai

Meetissai even nails the animals’ quirky expressions perfectly!


While he sculpts a lot of cats and dogs, domesticated animals aren’t his only subjects.

Sometimes, he lets his imagination take over, and the results are hilarious!

He enjoys envisioning what an animal might really look like if your perception of mind-bending photos were accurate.

However, sometimes his art is less “cute” and more “the stuff of nightmares.”

He’ll even recreate entire scenes!

He has a special love for panoramic photos gone wrong.

His unique work offers a new perspective of animals we see every day.

We can’t get enough of his artwork!

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