While many of us were once little kids who dreamed about our favorite cartoon characters coming to life and being our best friends, the truth is that the crazy proportions that make animated characters cute or quirky would actually be pretty horrifying if we saw them on a real person.

Case in point: the Simpsons. As cartoons, the crazy-haired, bug-eyed characters are a familiar and welcome sight. Even after all these years, the ridiculous family and their friends (and enemies) have a special place in our hearts, but one artist is reminding us that actually going for a drink with Homer in our world might be a bit terrifying.

Character artist Hossein Diba works to create models for 3-D mediums, such as video games or films. In one of his most recent projects, he started to recreate some of The Simpsons‘ most beloved characters, keeping their crazy proportions while making them look just a bit too real for comfort. Check out his work below, and remember: it’s ok to appreciate art while still being really creeped out by it.



Mr. Burns


All photos via Hossein Diba


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