For most of us, toast is a quick, cheap, and easy “meal,” often enjoyed with butter, jam, peanut butter, or some other type of spread. But Japanese designer Manami Sasaki has been spending her breakfast time creating absolute works of art on her toast, and they’re not just beautiful, but also delicious!

Sasaki takes her inspiration from Japanese traditions. For example, she uses a fork to rake lines into sour cream to make it look like powdered sand. All of her creations are edible — no “cheating” with non-edible paint or markers! — and the toppings go on before the bread is toasted. She often shares photos of the effects that the toasting process has on the ingredients, too!

Check out some of Sasaki’s creations below (with topping list included) and see if you can create a similar breakfast treat:

1. Sour cream, nuts, matcha

2. Sour cream, edible gold leaf, ketchup

3. Cinnamon margarine, sour cream, chocolate, kiwi, cherry, blueberry jam

4. Squid smear and sour cream, paprika, cheese, mustard, seaweed

5. Sour cream, dried bonito flakes, squid, salmon, cheese, purple cabbage, shrimp, shirasu, blue seaweed

6. Ketchup, margarine, mint leaves, mustard

7. Tarako mayo, sour cream, seaweed, cheddar cheese

8. Sour cream, shirasu, blue seaweed, grilled seaweed, mentaiko, cherry tomato

9. Paprika, macadamia nuts, grilled seaweed, sausage, cheese, watercress, purple cabbage, “rice”

10. Sour cream, squid ink, ketchup

11. Sour cream, black pepper, ketchup, blue glue

12. Crushed potato chips, garlic, curry powder, squid ink, cherry

13. Cod roe, mayo, edible gold leaf

14. “A lot of Japanese ingredients”

14. Sour cream, squid ink, ketchup, dill

15. Quail egg


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