Whether we’re stuck and bored in a work meeting or during class, the solution is almost always obvious: just doodle! The margins of countless notebooks and notepads have been filled with the good, the bad, and the creative of two-minute doodles drawn by bored, distracted employees and students. Now, one artist is sharing the fruits of his unending workplace boredom.

Known as “BeastFlaps,” the artist creates adorable and hilarious sketches during their time in meetings they didn’t have to be at. Their mood is reflected in the personalities of their characters, all of which are a bit grumpy. The result is a cute and surprisingly productive way to spend otherwise wasted time in an unnecessary meeting at work.

The dialogue between the characters often reflects the type of bug or animal they are.


Some of the comics have a small dark side to them.


Others have dad-joke levels of punnery.

The characters are always simple and cute.

Just be careful before you show your kids — sometimes, the language gets a bit spicy.

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We’re not sure how (or if) the artist manages to avoid cracking up as they draw!

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