Those of us whose pets live cushy, comfortable, loved lives often find it hard to even think about the animal cruelty that happens across the world. While most of it is out of sight, that unfortunately means that it can also fall out of mind, and we may forget just how prevalent animal cruelty is on our planet.

Milk DoNg Comics is trying to raise awareness about the many variations that animal cruelty can take in our modern world, some of which are well known and some of which go unnoticed by the general population. In the comics, the color red is emphasized, and all of the animals are shown weeping over what humans have done to them. The pictures are a creative, sobering reminder that animal cruelty is anything but a thing of the past, and in the comments of the photos on Facebook, the artist has also included links to provide further education on the specific types of cruelty depicted in the art.

Check out some of the examples of the project below, and make your friends aware as well so they can do their part to speak out against these atrocities.

1. Cliff-jumping Walrus

2. Clawless Cat

3. Breeding Dog

4. Fighting Bull

5. Scaleless Pangolin

6. Fatty Liver Goose

7. Finless Shark

8. Hornless Rhino

9. Tuskless Elephant

10. Laboratory Mouse

11. Target Lion

12. Crashing Pig

13. Vilified Bat

14. Antlerless Deer

15. Racing Horse


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