Sometimes, great art can stand out by blending in.

Proving this point is artist Braga Last One, also known by his real name, Tom Bragado Blanco. The French artist is known for painting art that bends the mind and leaves people scratching their heads, but he’s really outdone himself with the work he did on an old gas tank that was left in the middle of a field.

While others may have seen trash, this artist saw a canvas.

The artist painted a sphinx cat onto the tank, creating scenery that made the cat look like it was a part of the real world.

The attention to detail is stunning.

Even when the real-world sky is darker, the cat still looks like it might just be real.

As you can imagine, the project was large and took a lot of hard work.

The end result has been going viral, so hopefully Braga Last One feels that his effort was well worth it!

All photos from Braga Last One via Instagram

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