Anyone who’s ever owned — nay, been around a cat knows that these animals run the household, no matter what we humans try to tell ourselves. Cats have never forgotten that they were once worshiped by ancient Egyptians, and they take every opportunity to remind us of this.

Now, a Japanese artist named Tohukiro Kawai has created beautiful, but tongue-in-cheek art that puts cats in the place they certainly feel they were always meant to be. His creations show our feline friends being worshiped and adored in classical-style works of art that wouldn’t look out of place in a fancy museum.

Check out some of his work below, and be honest with yourself: your cat definitely thinks they deserve this type of treatment.

1. Fairies in the Garden

2. Livelihood of Cat

3. Fantasy of a Pet Cat

4. Hallucination of Pet Cats to Be in Contact

5. Thinking Thoughts Smolder




10. Bird and Actindia




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