Enrique “Kike” Bernal is an artist who uses mechanical pencils and pens to create stunning drawings. His subjects range from animals to Disney characters to humans, and while his creations are beautiful on their own, he’s added a unique aspect to them to make them truly light up… literally.

After Bernal is finished with the drawing aspect of his work, he uses the MediBang Paint app to create a fluorescent glow, strategically adding it to highlight specific points in his art. The effect is stunning and a beautiful example of how an artist can blend traditional artistic strategies with digital ones to create a masterpiece.

Sometimes, it looks like the light is coming from an external source, like a neon lamp.

Bernal also uses it to light up body art.

He’s found a variety of creative ways to incorporate this technique into his art.

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Buenos días 🙂

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Sometimes, the effect is subtle.

Other times, he really plays up the drama.

Lighting up just one small aspect of a drawing can have a mesmerizing effect on the entire piece.

He’s even used the lighting on his animal-based work.

The greater the contrast, the more striking the effect.

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Bernal has really mastered the art of making his art stand out!

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