Sharks are living dinosaurs and some of nature’s most fearsome predators. But these toothy creatures’ sinister reputation is largely undeserved… unless you’re a fish, of course. Shark attacks are extremely rare, and while more and more people are learning that sharks aren’t a huge threat to humans (and that we’re the ones who are a bigger danger to them), fears about swimming in the ocean in shark-populated areas still remain.

For example, people may not worry about shark attacks if their own bodies are intact, but what about if they’re wounded? Would a shark abandon a fish-feeding frenzy to go after a human instead, or are we not as tasty as we think?

To find out, former NASA engineer and current YouTube experiment phenom Mark Rober decided to go all-out to test that question in the Bahamas. Mark and his helpers prepared “fish blood smoothies” and cow blood (since shark researchers have found that sharks can’t distinguish between different types of mammal blood) and observed how the local sharks reacted. Mark even got up close and personal with the sharks in a dangerous, but educational cage-diving experience!

Check out the full experiment below:


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