When a human loses a leg or an arm, they can regain their mobility and independence thanks to the development of prosthetics. What happens, though, when an animal loses a limb? Animal prosthetics have been part of veterinary medicine for years now, and many of the recipients are cats and dogs whose owners wanted them to be able to run and play just like they did when they had all four limbs. Rescued wild animals also receive these valuable parts, though, and one of them is an endangered turtle named Goody.

According to CBC, Goody lost a flipper years ago after being caught in a fishing net. She was rescued and taken into captivity, where she later became Thailand’s first recipient of a prosthetic flipper. The development for the turtle comes from years of research in Thailand as the country worked to help amputee turtles in the same way that Japan and the US have been doing.

Now, Goody’s quality of life has vastly improved, and she’s been able to swim with far more ease than she could before receiving the synthetic flipper. The facility where she’s held has an additional ten turtles that could also benefit from the technology that has helped better her life. Although Goody will never be able to be released back into the wild due to her condition, she will be able to live out the rest of her life in captivity with comfort and security… and a new flipper!

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