A baby girl in Tennessee has set a new record for the longest frozen embryo to be born, according to the University of Tennessee Preston Medical Library.

Molly Everette Gibson was born on October 26 of this year, but for the past 27 years, she existed as an embryo that had been frozen. Her embryo was frozen in October 1992 and was thawed on February 10, 2020, according to Fox 13 News.

Though Molly’s birth is a scientific marvel, she isn’t the first baby to be born from a long-frozen embryo. In fact, her own full genetic sister, Emma Wren Gibson, had set the previous record for the longest frozen embryo to ever be born at 24 years; Emma was born in 2017. In theory, babies born from embryos frozen for this long could end up being “older” than their eventual parents!

Image Source: Haleigh Crabtree Photography via Fox 13 News

The sisters’ embryos were created by a couple undergoing in vitro fertilization before being born to Tina and Ben Gibson over two decades later. This is relatively common for the in vitro process — couples undergoing in vitro treatments often opt to freeze and save leftover embryos, which can then be used for medical research or for another couple having a hard time conceiving. Alternatively, they can let the other embryos thaw, which would render them unviable.

It’s incredible to think of all the scientific advancement that has made the birth of these two sweet girls possible, both now and all the way back 27 years ago! Congratulations to these happy parents!


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