A year away from home can be hard enough, but a year away from the planet can seem like an eternity.

That’s what astronaut Christina Koch experienced when she spent a whopping 328 days in space. To put that in perspective, she had spent more consecutive time in space than any other woman before her! She came home safe and sound, and of course, grateful to have had such an amazing experience.

Best of all, though, someone very special was waiting for her when she walked through the door. Koch’s dog was already excited to see her momma as she approached home for the first time in nearly a year, and when the astronaut walked through the door, her pup went bananas. Koch luckily got video of the interaction, and the clip has since gone viral. You can check it out for yourself, but beware — you may need a box of tissues for this heart-warming moment!

This is truly a welcome home worthy of an amazing astronaut like Koch!

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