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An Adorable Fox Was Spotted Running Around The White House


The election may be over, but is it too late to nominate a newer, cuter candidate for office?

One four-legged friend is making his own bid for the position of President of the United States by quite literally running around the White House.

CBS White House news correspondent Weijia Giang shared the exciting news earlier today and provided proof with a few pictures of the fuzzy visitor.

“You guys there is a FOX running around the White House right now,” she said in a caption on Twitter that accompanied the photos.

Foxes aren’t uncommon in areas like Washington DC, but seeing one so close to the White House is definitely not an everyday experience.

The little fella seemed to have incurred an injury at some point — Jiang posted a follow-up video that showed the fox to be limping. Oh no!

Might this adorable visitor be an omen of good (or bad) luck? Or simply a curious visitor who got a little lost on his way back home? Either way, we’re just happy we got to witness part of his little adventure!

All images from Weijia Jiang via Twitter



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