Orangutans have long been documented to display intelligence and compassion, even to other species. That’s exactly what was captured on one photographer’s camera during a trip to a forest in Borneo.

One of the forest wardens was clearing snakes from a river so that the serpents wouldn’t harm the nearby orangutans. Anil Prabkahar spotted one of the forest’s beautiful inhabitants and started taking photos.

The orangutan was confronted by the sight of the man in the river with the snakes — a potentially dangerous situation, especially for an orangutan.

But instead of just observing the man from afar, the orangutan reached out its hand, as though to help him!

The forest warden reportedly refused the orangutan’s offer for help, citing his belief that it’s better for humans and wild animals to avoid interaction. He has a great point — illnesses can pass from humans to animals or vice versa, and the last thing anyone would want is to cause harm to these beautiful creatures.

These amazing photos capture a rare and special moment between man and orangutan in the wild: proof that animals are just as capable of compassion as we are!

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