Well, he did it!

Kansas City Chiefs player Derrick Nnadi had promised to sponsor the adoptions for all of the dogs inside the KC Pet Project shelter that had been taken in by the rescue on or before February 2 — the day of the Superbowl. Nnandi, a defensive tackle, was a part of the Chiefs’ Superbowl-winning team, and needless to say, his gesture was a memorable one!

Now, there’s even better news coming from the KC Pet Project: one of their adoption centers successfully rehomed all of their dogs thanks to Nnandi’s sponsorship. The shelter shared the good news in a social media post:


“The best sight we love to see. Because of Derrick Nnadi’s generous sponsorship, our Petco Adoption Center has no more dogs to adopt. Every kennel is empty tonight – how wonderful! We still have a few sponsored dogs at our Zona Rosa Adoption Center, Campus, and in foster homes, and you can see them all at www.kcpetproject.org, along with new adoptables. Yay for so many lives saved!”

While “only” one of the rescue’s adoption centers managed to clear all the dogs from the cages, this is still a huge accomplishment. Private (“no-kill”) animal shelters are often brimming with pets in need of homes, and when they’re full, homeless animals may either end up on the streets or in public shelters that are forced to euthanize other animals to make room for new residents. These adoptions didn’t just get these dogs to new, loving homes — they also potentially saved many more lives, as now there’s way more room for new arrivals!

Hopefully even more celebrities can do for other animals what Derrick Nnandi did for these lucky pups!

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