Housecats who grow up away from humans adapt remarkably well to a non-domesticated life. Feral cats are common in many parts of the world, and many reject the comfort of a life indoors with guaranteed food and shelter.

For a long time, this was the case for one cat found by Takis — a man on a mission to rescue abandoned, injured, and sick pets in Crete. Takis found the feral cat with a can stuck on his head, and even after Takis removed the can, the cat was scared and aggressive, hissing and spitting at his rescuer in the car.

When Takis saw that there were many houses around (which could help provide food for the kitty) and that the cat didn’t seem to want to be taken care of by humans, he opened the car door and expected the cat to leave. But suddenly, the animal who seemed to want nothing to do with his rescuer seemed hesitant to leave. So Takis gave the cat ten seconds to change his mind. The cat decided to take a chance and stay in the car, so Takis decided to take a chance on him.

Watch this cat’s beautiful journey below in this special video from The Dodo.

Feral Cat


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