Kids with special needs often struggle to find homes if they’ve been put up for adoption, and little Alba was no exception. Even though Alba was a newborn when she was put up for adoption in Italy in 2017, twenty families rejected her because she has down syndrome. Alba’s luck changed, however, when a man named Luca Trapanese entered the picture.

Luca, who is single and 41 years old, knows a thing or two about being rejected in the adoption sphere. Adoption agencies often turn away potential parents who are single, and with Luca also being gay, the odds of discrimination were stacked against him. He was told that he would only be able to adopt a child with a “health or behavioral problem,” but that didn’t sway him.

When Luca got the call offering him the opportunity to become Alba’s father, it was love at first sight. The new dad felt like the sweet baby girl was meant to be his, and he’s been living the blissful life of fatherhood ever since.

Luca knew Alba would come with some unique challenges, but he was prepared for them. He’d been working with organizations serving people with special needs since he was fourteen, so he had the experience and knowledge necessary to raise Alba.

Since then, the two have become the cutest pair, and this single dad is showing the world that neither sexual orientation nor relationship status can determine what will make someone a loving, qualified parent.

Luca and Alba’s story has made it around the world, and followers of the sweet family have been struck by their inspirational (dare we say ‘fateful’?) story.

These two might have been given an unfair chance, but their story is proof that despite all the negativity in the world, some people really do beat the odds to find their happy ending.


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