IKEA has made big strides in becoming a more eco-friendly company, from phasing out single-use plastics to aiming to make all of their products from either renewable or recycled materials. The company is also known for its creative ads, and one group of advertising students in Moscow has imagined an unofficial ad campaign that combines IKEA’s stuffed animals with the very real problem of ocean pollution.

The five students from the Russia-based MADS advertising school used some of IKEA’s iconic plushies to imagine a campaign that would tackle the tough topic of ocean pollution in a simple, but powerful way. The campaign isn’t officially connected with IKEA, but the genius in the project — appropriately titled “Plastic Surgery” — is that it very much looks like it could be.

Take a look at the images below:

“Seal in Plastic”

“Tiger Plastic Shark”

“Scary Turtle”

We hope IKEA decides to work with these students in the future after they’ve proven what they can do.


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