It’s not quite on the level of The Fox & The Hound, but a viral video depicting two unlikely animal friends sure seems like a scene from one of your favorite animated childhood films.

In the video, which was captured by a wildlife cam from the Peninsula Open Space Trust, a coyote playfully jumps and bows as it waits for its friend — a badger — to catch up. The two then trot down a large drain pipe beneath a busy California highway, staying safe from traffic while continuing on their adventure.

The two critters may seem like an unlikely pair, but in reality, coyotes and badgers are known for being great hunting partners. Coyotes are great for chasing down prey, while badgers are best at digging for prey. Both animals learn over time that sticking together is likely to yield optimal dinnertime results. In fact, this unique inter-species friendship is so common, it’s been documented in Native American folklore!

Let’s hope these cute pals found the adventure (and food) they were looking for.

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