If you’ve ever had a favorite toy or blanket, you probably know how terrifying it is when that deeply treasured inanimate object was ripped, broken, or lost. Many objects are not “just” objects, and it can be upsetting and nerve-wracking to suddenly be without them when you’ve grown used to their presence.

Take some comfort in the fact that humans aren’t the only ones who deal with these attachments to the literal objects of our affection. Animals also find comfort in their toys and pillows, and it can be deeply distressing to them if they’re lost or broken!

Take Draco for example. This young pit bull is an absolute sweetheart who is particularly attached to a pillow he’s had since he was a young puppy. According to The Dodo, Draco takes the pillow (which is heart-shaped with arms) everywhere he goes. But when one of his doggy friends tried to take the pillow, Draco was so insistent upon getting it back that he ended up ripping his favorite toy, causing stuffing to come out of the sides.

Allie O’Cain, Draco’s owner, enlisted the help of her mom to help repair the pillow, and the loving pup grandma worked her magic with her sewing machine. She worked with the utmost care, especially since Draco was watching her the whole time!

Allie shared the sweet photos of Draco and her mom in the Dogspotting Society Facebook group, and people’s hearts melted at the way Draco watched the repair of his beloved toy. Allie said that “he acted as if his wife was in surgery.”

Thankfully, Draco’s favorite pillow is now fully repaired, and he can go back to snuggling it just like before. What a sweet and lucky dog!


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