When many parts of the U.S. got hit with some significant snow last week, some people were frustrated (Slippery roads and driveways in need of shoveling!) and some were excited (Who wants to build a snowman?!). As humans did their best to stay warm and dry, many animals were loving the fresh powder!

Though we know that some creatures — like husky dogs and polar bears, for instance — love the cold, some animals surprised people with their enjoyment of the freshly fallen snow. For example, these river otters loved pretending to be snowplows in the dead of night!

Perhaps less surprising is that giant pandas also see the snow as an easy way to have some fun. These large and sadly endangered cuties are known for being playful and mischievous from cubhood to adulthood. Two of the pandas at the National Zoo, Mei Xiang and Tian Tian, were captured on video making the most of their snow day, and the video has since gone viral on social media.

This isn’t the first time giant pandas have been filmed having a blast in a winter wonderland. Back in 2016, the Toronto Zoo shared their resident panda, Da Mao, dismantling a snowman they built for him!

Somebody get these playful pandas a sled! We can only imagine how much fun they’d have.


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