Adele may be one of the most beloved celebrities of our time. Her die-hard fans are extremely loyal to her, and even people who just casually listen to her music can’t help but want happiness and good things for the “Rolling in the Deep” singer.

The artist has been through a lot in the past year, including a divorce from Simon Konecki, her husband since 2016. She’s taken a step back from the spotlight and a big step away from social media, having taken an Instagram break for about nineteen weeks. As much as her fans loved that she was taking the time she needed for herself, they also missed seeing the singer’s updates.

Well, you know Adele — she always makes a great impact whenever she tries, and that’s exactly what happened when she returned to Instagram by sharing a photo to celebrate her 32nd birthday. Fans were delighted to “hear” from the artist again, and she made sure to focus her post on thanking the first responders and essential workers who are risking their health to protect others during the pandemic.

What also caught people’s eye is the fact that the famously curvy singer has lost a significant amount of weight. While she’s beautiful at any size, the important thing is that Adele looks genuinely happy and proud of her transformation. It’s no one’s place but hers to decide what her body should or shouldn’t look like, and given how pleased with life she looks, her fans are sharing in her joy.

We hope this incredible artist and person continues to find even more success and happiness in her 32nd year of life! Happy birthday, Adele!


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