You may not know it because of the wide variety of roles he’s played throughout the years, but actor and New Zealand citizen Russell Crowe has lived most of his life in Australia. Like countless other people living in Oz, Crowe saw firsthand the damage that this season’s bushfires wreaked upon the land — his own property was burned in the blazes.

Thankfully, the country has had a significant amount of rain over the past week, even causing flooding in some areas. The rain has now helped put out over 30 fires, offering much-needed relief to exhausted firefighters. And of course, where there’s water, there’s life, and the land is now beginning to bounce back.

Last night, Crowe himself shared photos of his own property: one from ten weeks ago after a fire consumed the vegetation, and one from yesterday morning after experiencing a good bit of rain.


Image Source: Russell Crowe via Facebook


Image Source: Russell Crowe via Facebook

Look at the green grass! The blue sky! The full pond! It’s amazing what a bit of rain can do.

Image may contain: grass, sky, tree, mountain, outdoor, nature and water
Image Source: Russell Crowe via Facebook

Australian flora and fauna have adapted to bounce back well after bushfires, but Crowe’s photos show just how much can grow in just a few weeks’ time.

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