The coronavirus pandemic is impacting the senior community especially hard. Not only are these people more likely to suffer serious symptoms from the virus, but they’re already the population most likely to be isolated from friends, family, and the world as a whole.

Actor Matthew McConaughey is a bit of an expert at putting smiles on people’s faces, though, and some seniors at the Enclave at Round Rock Senior Living got the surprise of a lifetime when they attended a virtual bingo night and saw the actor himself calling out the numbers! McConaughey teamed up with his wife Camila and mom Kay to participate in the bingo night, giving these seniors a much-needed moment to have some fun and experience something cool.

Can you imagine showing up for a game of virtual bingo and seeing Matthew McConaughey looking back at you from your screen?!

Image Source: The Enclave at Round Rock Senior Living via Facebook

Needless to say, these seniors were delighted to meet the actor and his lovely family.

Image Source: The Enclave at Round Rock Senior Living

At the end, the seniors held up messages of gratitude on green poster board as a reference to McConaughey’s encouraging message of “turning a read light into a green light” during tough times like these. How cute!

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