Celebrities like Superbad actor Jonah Hill can afford any dog they want, so it’s always a welcome surprise when they instead choose to adopt a pet from a shelter instead.

This is exactly what Jonah chose to do when it came time for him to add a new furry member to his family, and a couple of days ago, he adopted a beautiful pit bull terrier named Fig from the Love Leo Rescue.

Fig is three years old and “extra cuddly,” but her sweet face and great disposition weren’t enough to stop her old owners from leaving her at a rural shelter over the holidays. Thankfully, she didn’t have long to wait for a new home, though.

After some time at a foster home, Fig is now at her forever home with her new human, Jonah!

The actor shared the happy news on social media and thanked the rescue for bringing him together with his new best friend.

Jonah has a massive platform and lots of adoring fans. Hopefully, this great decision will inspire many more people to visit their own local shelter instead of a breeder when the time comes for them to get a new pet!


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