Stalking and harassment are tragically common struggles faced by women across the world, and a young woman named Hannah Viverette came face to face with her own stalker when he broke into her apartment one night.

Hannah was enjoying a night in on Sunday, dancing in her living room at about 10:20 pm. She often films herself dancing, so it was no surprise that she’d set up her phone to record her movements. Suddenly, she heard the door to her second-floor balcony begin to open. She initially thought the wind may have blown it open, but as she went to close it, she realized that it had been a man who had opened the door.

Worse, the man was a stranger, but one that she’d seen before. “A face I had seen almost daily in my apartment complex area since moving in, but never spoke a word to. A man that has made a point to watch me and make many uncomfortable advances at me from a distance, for months now. For so long I brushed it off, assuming him to “just be a creep”. It was the moment I came face to face with him at my door that I knew he was there to harm me,” she wrote in an Instagram post about the terrifying incident.

The man had his hands in his pockets, and not knowing what he may have been hiding or what he intended to do to her, Hannah kept her distance and hurried outside her apartment, telling the man to leave until he finally walked out and closed the door behind him. She then knocked on her neighbor’s door and was able to safely call the police.

As it turned out, the intruder lived in the building across the street from Hannah, and his previous interactions with her combined with the video she’d taken helped disprove his claims that Hannah had “invited him” up onto her balcony. He was arrested and is currently out on bail.

Hannah is currently trying to get out of her apartment for her own safety, and it will be about two weeks until the man is forced to leave his own residence across the street from her. Still, though she is understandably terrified of what this stalker might decide to do, she refuses to let fear control her life and has kept on dancing.

You can watch the scary moment below:


That moment when you’re recording yourself dancing and your stalker climbs your second story balcony to break in. #realshit #scariestmomentofmylife

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