People can do amazing things when they come together, and even with everything going on in the world at the moment, thousands of people around the globe (including multiple celebrities!) are working to find a very special teddy bear.

The bear in question is a very special Build-A-Bear that belongs to 28-year-old Mara Soriano. Mara’s mother passed away last year due to cancer, but before she died, she left a voice message inside the “Mama Bear,” saying, “I love you. I’m proud of you. I’ll always be with you.” It’s truly a priceless gift, and it made it that much more heartbreaking when the bear was stolen — along with a number of Mara’s other belongings — while she was in the process of moving apartments.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Mara explained what happened:

“My fiance and I were moving into a new apartment with the help of our two friends. We rented a uHaul truck to bring all of our belongings over. One of our friends decided to bike over to the new apartment and meet us there. As soon as we got to the loading bay, however, we got a call that my friend was hit by a van! Of course, I started to panic — he was on his way to help us, after all — so not only was I afraid that he was hurt, I also felt responsible.

“I ran out of the uHaul and went to see my friend immediately. I dropped everything I had and just assumed my fiance would pick up the backpack full of important items. Unfortunately, the backpack was in front of the uHaul and my fiance and the other friend were in the back unloading, so he didn’t even realize that the bag was there to get. Thankfully, my friend was okay, but by the time we realized the bag was gone, it was already too late.”

In addition to the bear, the backpack also contained an iPad with videos of Mara and her mom that hadn’t been backed up to the iCloud. She also had a number of important documents inside, including her passport and Canadian citizenship certificate. Though the electronics that were stolen are also important, as she uses them for work, she’s most focused on getting her bear and documents back, no questions asked.

Mara’s story has started to spread, and she’s also obtained security footage that could hopefully provide some help to catch the suspect.

Thankfully, Mara isn’t going through this search alone. After CBC’s Deborah Goble tweeted out the news of the missing bear, the case started to spread to thousands of people, attracting the attention of celebrities like Ryan Reynolds, Zach Braff, and Dan Levy.

“Mama Bear” has yet to be located, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for this story to have a very happy ending after all!


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