If you’ve even glimpsed at the news over the past week or two, you’ve probably heard about the dangerous and sometimes deadly coronavirus. The disease originated in Wuhan, China, and has since spread to multiple countries, including the U.S., Australia, Singapore, France, Taiwan, and more. It’s claimed the lives of 56 people and infected over 2,000, with many people not even being aware that they have the virus until they’ve already infected others.

One dog owner was prepared to travel to Wuhan before news of the coronavirus was widely released, but although she didn’t have any misgivings about traveling to the area, her golden retriever, Kim, apparently did. The woman went into her room shortly before she was planning to leave, only to find a very guilty-looking Kym lying next to her now tattered passport.

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While the dog owner was, of course, frustrated and annoyed that she could now not go on her planned trip, her anger soon turned to relief. The very next day, news of the coronavirus reached her, and she expressed her relief that Kim had tried to prevent her from taking the trip.

Do you guys remember the passport?
Throwback, this kid is really protecting me,
After my passport was torn apart, the virus began to go where I originally planned to go;
I think about it now, and it’s very touching;
Fortunately, you blocked our trip,
Let’s have a safe reunion with family ❤️

Whether it was Kim’s canine intuition that prevented her owner from traveling to Wuhan or simply a case of a mischievous, bored pup finding an apparently chew-worthy passport, her actions may have saved her human from getting sick or worse. Good girl!

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