Bree Blakeman thought she was just going to have another typical Monday when she showed up to work at the Australian National University in Canberra. But when she opened her office door, she found the room in disarray. Bree was initially worried that someone had broken in, but it didn’t take long for her to find the true culprit: a brushtail possum!

Image Source: @FF_notes via Twitter

The adorable critter was huddled behind Bree’s computer, obviously scared. There was a hole in the ceiling where tiles had come down, and Bree deduced that the possum had probably fallen through the ceiling and tried to use the office’s bookshelves to climb back up, scattering books in the process. Bree shared the moment on Twitter and seemed more amused than worried.

According to Buzzfeed, Bree gave the possum a carrot and some water, then closed the door and called a wildlife relocation company. A box trap with fruit was used to try to lure the possum into being caught, but the rescue company’s efforts to come take it away were paused due to a large hail storm in the area. The possum was stuck in Bree’s office for another couple of days, and when the relocators came back to try again, they thankfully found that the possum had made its way back up through the hole in the ceiling, rendering their services unneeded. It turned out that all this little one needed was some rest, food, and water to regain its energy!

Image Source: FF_notes via Twitter

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