Imagine this: you walk outside on a normal day and find a stranger’s tank top and socks on your front porch. Strange, but stranger things have happened, right? Imagine that the next day, you find even more random laundry on your porch that certainly doesn’t belong to you. Imagine that this continues to happen for multiple consecutive days, with each morning bringing you new (but clearly used) clothing and towels.

If you’re like Heather Barti, you’d probably assume the most obvious scenario: some drunk person thought it might be funny to bestow some freshly laundered clothing onto their neighbor’s porch. But when she checked her security cameras, she discovered that the truth was somehow even more bizarre.

Heather posted in a local Metairie, LA Facebook group in hopes of reaching out to her unknown neighbors who may have had their clothing mysteriously disappearing, ultimately revealing that it was none other than her own cat (named “Admiral Galacticat”) who’d been thieving this whole time. She also included photos of the stolen goods.

“Hi, Unlucky Neighbors! I live in Metairie on oaklawn kinda behind the Dorignacs. My cat is stealing your laundry. I have no clue where else to post to reach you all. I’ve tried the nextdoor site and have had no luck Attached some pictures. The one is of my cat, Admiral Galacticat.”

Until this coronavirus bs began, he has been an indoor cat since i got him at 3 months old(he will be 4 on July 24). Then the rona hit and he got sick of us being around constantly and basically begged and pleaded to go outside. Now he loves to just roam around playing with the other rando cats in the neighborhood. Cool. His girlfriend is Lucille, the lil black cat that roams the block. Everyone is happy especially since I’ve observed him looking both ways before he crosses the street. All was fine and dandy until two weeks ago when suspicious items started appearing on my front porch.”

“First was a tank top and two nike socks. The next morning, a dish rag, a ripped pair of boxers and more nike socks. Now in that past two days, 1 1/2 a girls bikini, size medium, a few more dishrags and a beach towel. All seemingly freshly out of the dryer mind you, except the bathing suit and towel that smelled like sunscreen, because i also found a wad of dryer lint on one of the socks. First i thought a drunk just left stuff on my patio because the lamplighter is right up the street and drunk people are often seen stumbling home in the wee hours of the morning.”

“ANYWAY I got security cameras and lo and behold, it is MY CAT that is stealing SOMEONE’s clean laundry and bringing it home. Now I am grateful its not a dead sparrow or mouse, but I am sure someone is at home scratching their head as to where their clothes keep disappearing to.”

“Trust me, it is not the dryer monster, but Admiral. If you would like to retrieve your items I have been collecting them and i will wash them again cause, cat spit, but you are more than welcome to come by and grab the bag and shame my asshole cat if he is around. Just message me. Also, sorry my cat is a kleptomaniac.

In case there was any doubt that Heather was telling the truth, she even shared a screenshot of the neighborhood thief in action.

Now that the mystery has been solved, hopefully all those confused neighbors can get their clothes back!


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