Police officers’ K9 units aren’t just dogs — they’re partners. These animals work side-by-side with law enforcement to get the job done no matter the cost, and it’s no wonder that so many officers feel such a deep personal connection with their canine partners.

Gina Anzaldua Stevenson saw such a bond when she was at the airport earlier this month and saw an officer (later identified as Andre Cloyd) taking selfies with his K9 partner. Even cuter was that Cloyd was showing the photos to his dog!

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Gina shared the adorable photos in the “Dogspotting Society” Facebook group, where they quickly got thousands of likes’ worth of attention.

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Well, you know how the internet works — it wasn’t long before Cloyd himself got wind that the photos had been shared.

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And in an adorable gesture that made the group (and the rest of the internet) go wild, he ended up sharing the selfies that he took with his partner, Zigi!

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The officer was clearly having a brief moment of fun while on duty, and everyone who saw the photos instantly fell in love with his special connection with Zigi.

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He may have put on a “tough guy” face for the last one, but it’s clear that both he and Zigi are sweethearts!

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It’s amazing how the wild, vast internet can make the world a better, smaller place, even just in small interactions like these. We love seeing our hardworking members of law enforcement showing their “human” side!

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