When you look out into your yard, you might expect to see some traditional wildlife, like a chipmunk or squirrel, or may be a few birds hanging out in trees. One woman got a huge surprise, though, when she found an entire family of bobcats enjoying some quality time on her porch!

Kathy Maniscalco, an artist from Santa Fe, New Mexico, has shared some photos and videos that have since gone viral showing the sweet interaction between the momma bobcat and her kittens. There were five babies total, with three hanging out with their mom and two up on the wall.

Kathy said she may paint the furry family she found outside, and we’d love to see what she does with this unforgettable experience with some of New Mexico’s native wildlife!

Image Source: Kathy Maniscalco via Facebook

Thankfully, everyone in this scenario felt safe. Momma bobcat wasn’t worried about Kathy coming near her babies, and Kathy was able to safely observe the beautiful creatures from behind the glass.

Image Source: Kathy Maniscalco via Facebook

Kathy even got a great video of the kittens feeding!

We’re a bit jealous of this once-in-a-lifetime animal interaction. How lucky we are to share the planet with these magnificent wild cats!


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