Bees are some of nature’s most important pollinators, but they’ve spent years under a bad reputation. Many people still think that these cute insects want nothing more than to sting us, but most of the time, they just want to go about their day sipping nectar and buzzing from flower to flower.

What many people don’t realize about bees, though, is that even they get tired from all that flying. Chances are, if you see a bee on the ground, it’s not dying or sick — it’s just exhausted and needs to “refuel.” And if you want to give it some help with getting back up in the air and away from the dangers of shoes and predators, just offer it a nearby flower!

Twitter user Lucy Lapwing is showing others how they can help bees in need with a video she posted of a tired red tailed bumblebee. The fuzzy little bug seemed pretty lethargic, but then, Lucy came to the rescue with a tiny lavender flower. As it turned out, it was just what the doctor ordered for the little bee, who wasted no time in indulging in the flower’s contents.

The video of the cute interaction has received over two million views, and Lucy has since shared a photo of the two bonding even more!


This lucky little bee is now sailing the skies again thanks to the small, but important action of a kind human!


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