The story of a teddy bear that has captivated the attention of people all over the world has a happy ending.

A few days ago, Mara Soriano put out a plea for help. While she was in the process of moving apartments, a thief stole a bag from the front of her uHaul, taking an iPad, important documents like Mara’s passport, and a very special teddy bear. You see, the Build-a-Bear plushie contained a digital voice box that contained a sweet message from Mara’s mother, who passed away from cancer last year. Though Mara wanted all of her belongings back, she was most concerned about bringing “Mama Bear” home.

Mara’s plea spread beyond her home country of Canada and reached people all over the globe, including famous actors like Ryan Reynolds and Dan Levy. Now, we’re happy to report that Mama Bear has been found unharmed and is back where she belongs with Mara!

Mara shared a photo of the heartwarming reunion:

According to Deborah Goble, who covered the story for the CBC and helped it gain international attention, two men brought the bear into the CBC lobby. It marks the end of an extensive search that saw Mara going through lengthy measures to find someone who might be able to point her in the direction of her beloved bear.

While there’s no news on the rest of Mara’s stolen belongings or who the suspect is, the men who brought it in said they took it from the original thief.

The CBC shared a video capturing the beautiful moment when Mara got to hear her mom’s message inside her bear again.

Oh, and yes, Ryan Reynolds is aware of the news and even extended his thanks to the thief for keeping the bear safe. Ah, Canada.


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